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Hello, my name is Eileen and I live in Seaton, a small coastal town in the beautiful, lush countryside of East Devon in England. I have a passion for photography and architecture, coupled with a love of old buildings, history and the landscape, am obsessively interested in everything and wildly over-enthusiastic about all sorts of things.

I started this site in order to document my visits of derelict and abandoned places, WW2 defences and other remains from the past, but it quickly grew to encompass lots of other things that I find intriguing or quirky, along with the more historical. I have a far-reaching plan of connecting the history of these places with the landscape in which they lie, and have yet to work on the overall 'big picture' of the historical connections within the area where I live, which will be in the new Lyme Bay section (once I stop procrastinating!).

The above self-portrait photo was taken in a derelict cottage, where I found a mirror and alarm clock on the windowsill amongst lots of cobwebs. My camera is a Minolta SRT101, with a Carl Zeis 28mm lens which I use for almost everything. I only take 35mm film photos for my website but I do have a FujiFilm FinePix digital camera, which is useful for dashing off the odd photos to friends and family via email, but it's not the same as using film and I don't really enjoy it very much.

One more thing: I really appreciate the emails I receive from visitors and endeavour to answer them and any questions about places I've visited. Unfortunately, bad bouts of a long-term illness over a few years meant that I had to shelve many, and sadly I missed out some when trying to catch up (embarrassingly, I recently found a couple which were sent two years ago whilst going through my archive). So please accept my apologies if I haven't replied to you. Contact details below photo. 

I hope you have found something useful or enjoyable on my site, and thank you for dropping by.

Cheers, Eileen.


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