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Past Remains

A view of yesterday from today

Industrial - Mills / Lime Kilns / Factories, etc

Quarries / Mines

WW2 Defences  & Other Military

Religious Sites

Cemeteries & Related Buildings

Lodges & Toll Houses

Not including cemetery lodges, which can be found under Cemeteries & Related Buildings.

Balfour Lodge, Sidmouth, Devon

Bridge Toll House, Axmouth Bridge, Seaton, Devon

Bridge Toll House, Sidmouth, Devon

Knowle Cottage, Sidmouth, Devon

South Lodge, Sidmouth, Devon

Turnpike Cottage, Musbury, Devon


Halls, Hotels, Pubs & Other Public Buildings

Residential Buildings



Natural Places


Bridges / Viaducts



Prehistoric & Ancient Sites

Misc - Historical

Misc - Derelict


This is a section for those streets and odd places that are really interesting in their own right and deserve a page of their own.

Chapel Street, Sidmouth, Devon

Clifton Place, Sidmouth, Devon

Cross Street, Seaton, Devon

Water Treatment Plants & Reservoirs


Recent Photos