Farm Worker's Cottage, Colyford, Devon Farm Worker's Cottage, Colyford, Devon Taken during the summer 2008. 60819450 This one was taken about six months later, during the winter. Much easier to see what's there and to crawl through the undergrowth. 60819982 60819657 60819983 Top floor windows. 60820365 Front windows showing two separate floors. 60820070 With much of the foliage gone, it was possible to see that more than half of the building had either been demolished or fell down. To the left is the end wall of the brick cottage and to the right is another end wall with a rear wall inbetween. 60819981 Not easy to photograph or see, but there is a second-storey door in the wall, which would have been an internal door. 60819959 60819958 End wall of the brick fronted part. 60819257 60819779 60820177 Behind the rear wall. 60820176 At the rear was this porch-type construction. There is no door in the rear wall, however, therefore it may have been an outside privy, or indeed may have been a porch which was removed when half of the cottage was, including the front door. 60818676 60819449 60820175 End wall of the unroofed part. 60819147 Moss-covered stones and ferns on a bank at the end wall. It's possible to climb up but not possible to peer around the end of the wall due to banks of brambles and a sheer drop the other side. 60820069