Colcombe Castle, Colyton, Devon Colcombe Castle, Colyton, Devon Outlying farm buildings, some of which are of some antiquity. 66553692 66556698 66555798 The remains of an orchard. This was probably quite extensive during it's time as a manor house as they would have brewed their own cider for the estate. 66556549 The main house has walls which bow outwards at the bottom. This was because of the way the cobb walls were made. The bottom layer of around 4' was pounded down to create a solid base, either using horses or by human feet. Each layer was built up until dry before the next layer added. 66649045 66553691 Beautiful studded door. The studs were used to deflect attack from weapons such as swords and pikes, etc. 66556548 Side of the house. 66553208 Original features have been used in other buildings. 66556697 66555467 66552279 Part of the original walls, along with an old millstone. 66555562 66552630 66556051 66554642 This lovely old trap is used to take visitors around Colyton town during the summer months. 66556578 The sign of a local town pub, named after Colcombe Castle. 66554985