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The Cactus House, Seaton, Devon

Not being able to get out for a decent day's mission for a while, and having massive photo withdrawal symptoms, I decided to fill in with the odd local walkabout with my camera. This is one of the places I visited...a fab place to have a wander around and, as it turned out, with lots of interesting photo opportunities. It wasn't on my list for inclusion here but I was a bit pleased with how the photos came out and felt it deserved a mention, as it's one of those hidden gems that sometimes get overlooked.

There isn't any history or interesting information about it, that I can find, and the only mentions I found are brief ones in the latest tourist guides. It's a cactus house (or hot house) in Seafield Gardens, and that's it!

Running along part of the centre is a pond with waterlilies and some lovely Koi Carp. I didn't really notice the reflections in the water, as I was concentrating on taking photos of the fish, so the result below was quite a delightful surprise.

Looking back down towards the entrance, below.

The photo of the Pitcher Plants below turned out to be one of my favourites, although I didn't expect much of it at the time. It's funny how that often happens. As a film photographer, I don't know what I've got until the films are processed, so that was a real bonus.

There are quite a few different kinds of plants in the greenhouse, including this grapevine, below. Also a Mother-In-Law' of the kinds of houseplants that I have indoors; part of a rather unruly collection of 42 plants, some of them trees! I love all growing things. ;)

At the farthest end is this gorgeous and dramatic tropical plant. I'm not sure what it's called, but it's a fan palmate of some sort.

And tumbling over the pond railing is this beautiful Passion Flower, so called because Spanish missionaries who discovered it felt that the number of it's parts...petals, stamens, etc...correspond with the passion of Christ's crucifixion (passion denoting extreme emotion).

Some more fish.

And at last some cacti!

The one below looked so soft and cuddly. It isn' I found out when I couldn't resist the temptation to touch. Ouch!

And finally, looking in from the outside glass. As I found with the first fish photo, our eyes don't always notice the reflections when we're concentrating on what we're looking at, but the camera does and often surprises with the end results.

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