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Taken on slide film at the American Diner in Exeter, between lectures when we were at University together.  Annie had just put a record on the jukebox and did a quick bop on her way back to our table. One of those on the spur of the moment pics which captured the moment.

Having bought myself a negative scanner for Christmas 2010, I've gradually been scanning all the negs and slides that I hadn't had printed up...which is a stack! I don't normally take photos of people as an art form, but I have a few which I'm particularly pleased with and which give a sense of the time and place that they were taken...and this one not only captured the moment but also an amazing three years of my life.


My beautiful half-siamese and half-moggy called Flower, now sadly no longer alive. Taken with b&w Ilford film.

"Wiped Out"

In 1992 I had the opportunity to take part in an outdoor adventure week on Dartmoor. I was enrolled in a City & Guilds Photography course during that year, so I used the time to produce a folio of photos for Photo Documentary. This was taken right at the end, after we had cleaned up the hostel where we were staying. It had been a strenuous week and everyone was just chilling out before the arrival of our minibus back to Exeter. This was my favourite photo.


Taken sometime in the mid 1970s on a lazy Sunday when a few friends chilled out together. We were in a band together, called 'Near Springs', and the acoustic guitar in the photo is mine. Tim was the bass player. 

"On The Road"

Tim and Matthew, two of three friends that I was on a walk with across the fields and woods near where we lived. Having reached the road back into town, it was time for a ciggy break...or was it something a little stronger? ;)

"In The Sun"

Josephine, my cat who was around 18 years old at the time of writing up this page. Sadly, she died in September the age of 23 years! 

Not many photos in this section so far, but I'll be adding some more as and when I come across them.

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