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Emergency Forest Phone, Couchill Woods, Seaton, Devon

I found this several years ago, on the edge of Couchill Woods, and haven't been able to ascertain what it actually is. I think it's some sort of utilities box as there is evidence of wiring. The woods are (or were) managed by the Forestry Commission, and because it needs a specific key to open it may have been for the use of forestry workers only. Electrical point maybe? However, on doing some research and having forum discussions with like-minded souls, we thought it may have been an emergency phone in case of accidents.

I recently did some more research but still couldn't find any concrete evidence of what it was, or any pictures which show anything the same or similar. I sent an email to the Forestry Commission asking if anyone knows, along with a photo. After kindly asking around, they were unfortunately just as stumped as me.

Of course, with the widespread use of mobile phones, there wouldn't be much need for a standing phone, which is probably why it's been abandoned and makes sense if it is a phone. So, until I'm told otherwise, I'll just keep calling it an Emergency Forest Phone.

Whatever it is, or was, I think it's really fab. Lovely woods, green peely paint and rusty goodness. What more can a girl want?

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