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Fortfield Hotel, Sidmouth, Devon

I knew nothing about this building until I saw a report in the local paper in early 2011. Apparently, it had been derelict for some time then was subjected to an arson attack at the end of December 2010. I wasn't going to bother with looking at it as, although I love seeing derelict buildings, I'm not a fan of trashed, burnt-out places. However, during a day out in Sidmouth in March 2011, I decided to check it out whilst there.
There aren't any good close-ups, as it's far too overlooked by a lot of residential houses, as well as being obviously very dangerous in it's current condition. However, I was unexpectedly surprised at it's appearance. It must have been a lovely building in it's time, and was once considered to be an iconic building in Sidmouth.

The above photo and one below were taken from the main entrance.

My intial reccee, however, was from the cricket ground where what's left of the building can be seen across the green. Much of it had already been demolished following the fire.

The photos above and below show the steps leading up to what once was the grounds and the front of the hotel.

Below...does that look like Bates Motel to anyone?  

And from the main entrance side, below, after negotiations with a vigilant neighbour. He told me that it was due to be demolished within the next couple of months and will be subsequently rebuilt. Apparently, the owners couldn't afford to update the existing building, which led to it being left unused and derelict.

Not a lot of photos, but a few more can be seen in the Photo Gallery album along with these.

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