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A view of yesterday from today

Garden Open Day, Seaton, Devon

Open for charity, I visited this lovely mature garden one day in May 2011. I thought it was worth including as it reflects some of the difference between the South-West peninsular and other parts of Britain.

As seen in these first two photos there are several tropical palms, as well as other unusual plants and trees. Although not indigenous to Britain, palms thrive well here because of it's temperate climate and, due to the intrepid Victorian (and earlier) travellers bringing back seeds and plants, they have now become a traditional part of our town and coastal scapes here in the South-West.

A large garden, there are several paths taking the visitor through the flower beds to separate lawned spaces.

It's such a delight to walk amongst the different varieties of mature trees, such as seen below...especially when, like me, your only garden is a rather small balcony overcrowded with planters and flowerpots!

The house (below) built circa 1930, softened by firs and other trees.

Below is a tree which I'd read about but not actually seen before in real life. Cercis Siliquastrum, also known as the Judas Tree, is a bushy, deciduous small tree from the eastern Mediterranean. Also known by the name Love Tree, it has heart-shaped leaves with clusters of bright pink, pea-shaped flowers in the Spring. It's commonest name of Judas Tree is thought to be because it was the tree from which Judas Escariot hanged himself...which doesn't make any sense because of it's thin-branched and fragile nature. However, the French name for it is Arbre de Judee, meaning tree of Judea, which makes a lot more sense because Judea is the area where it used to be common.

Below is a tall and twisty Eucaliptus tree, with it's delightful silver-grey bark and bluish green-grey leaves.

Altogether a very pleasant afternoon spent strolling around and finding the odd hidden corner full of a huge variety of shrubs and flowers...

...and even the odd cat!

The Millenium Bells, below, didn't come out very clearly on the photo so I softened it up even more to accentuate their snowy white glow.

As well as the garden to enjoy, tables and chairs were set out on the front lawn, along with a stall selling cakes and beverages. Jars of homemade jams and pickles were also on sale so I bought some plum favourite! And to top off the day, coffee & homemade cake and a nice chat with people I know whilst sitting in the sun.

Below, a 'secret garden' kind of entrance from the lane, which can't be seen unless you know what to look for and are prepared to slalom your way between heavily planted bushes.

That completes much of the tour, but more photos can be seen in the Photo Gallery album along with these.

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