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King's Arms, Ottery St Mary, Devon

This was a nice little find (of several), when I had the opportunity to have a brief wander around Ottery whilst visiting with a friend.  I only had half an hour to spare, but that was sufficient to find and photograph three fab buildings near to St Mary's church. I even managed a quick visit inside the church, which I'd already photographed five years before, but it's amazing how memory can play tricks and I did a lot of  'I don't remember this bit', resulting in a few more photos there too.

Not surprisingly, when I did the research later I found that the Kings Arms is situated in an area where several listed buildings form a group. A Grade II listed building, the Kings Arms was built in 1756, and was originally a posting house where horses were fed and changed, and travellers could get a meal or stay overnight inbetween the stages of their journey. The name refers to the Royal Arms of Charles II.

A three storey building, the ground floor exterior is stuccoed, and the floors above are of lime-washed brick.  The central front projection includes the ground floor front entrance, which has been narrowed to a more modern width, and is where the original coach doors were situated (see the first photo on the page for clearer details).  Below the open pediment, on the top gable, there is a delightful roundel window.

I love the bands between the top two storeys, and are rather striking I think.  Other details include the centre window with eared architrave, and dentil pediment on the front projection.

These are the only photos that I have for the Kings Arms at the mo, and they can also been seen in the Photo Gallery album. I will update if I can get back to take interior pics and close-ups.

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