Past Remains

A view of yesterday from today

Law Chambers, Colyton, Devon

I haven't been able to find anything about the Law Chambers itself, however the building is part of a Grade II listed range of former houses (now shops and offices) situated in Market Place. Built in the 16th century and remodelled during the early 19th century, the buildings now have Victorian shopfronts. Inside, however, there are still several Tudor remains.

The Law Chambers door is situated between Abbots Antiques and the living quarters belonging to the shop, the passage containing early 17th century panelling. It was originally built and occupied by a wealthy merchant and his family; possibly a wool merchant.

Inside the front room of the Law Chambers there is a moulded plaster ceiling, circa 1600, in a geometrical pattern with fleur-de-lis. Above the fireplace is a mantle frieze painting, also circa 1600, containing four female figures representing Experience, Good Reputation, Bad Reputation and Truth.

I must apologise for the photos. I visited during a town tour in 2010, and we were kindly invited by the shop owners to take a look inside, with permission granted to take some photos. Never one to miss an opportunity, I took these hurriedly, therefore they aren't as sharp as they could be.

These same photos can also be seen in the Photo Gallery album. I aim to take some exterior shots and possibly some of the shop interior, on a future visit, which I'll add as and when. There is also a lot more history & architectural info about the shop next door, which I'll complete when I have more photos.

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