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May Terrace & Blackmore House, Sidmouth, Devon

Wandering around Sidmouth, and whilst waiting for films to be processed, I chanced upon these delightful buildings. I haven't been able to ascertain any particular history attached to them, other than that they were built in 1904. Edwardian brick-built buildings with lovely Dutch gables...and the odd modern dormer...with wrought iron balcony railings at the front. However, I really love Dutch gables, so it wasn't one to be missed!

At the end of the terrace is another building, called Blackmore House. I really liked the quirky look of it when viewed from the south side. However, it wasn't until a later visit that I found out how quirky May Terrace is too when seen from the rear.

On the second visit I took some photos further around and to the rear, and saw that the end of May Terrace finishes in an unusually sharp point.

Below, the pointy building. I'm intrigued as to how it looks inside and what possible use it has room-wise.


Photos from the rear, below. Some lovely slate hung tiles on the left portion.

Although the front elevation is joined, the buildings are separated with courtyards in between.

And finally, another view of the lovely Dutch gabled frontage. Interestingly, there are several Dutch gabled buildings in Topsham, at the furthest reach of East Devon. During Mediaeval times there was much trading between Exeter (Topsham being the ancient port of the city) and the Netherlands. Bricks were used as ballast in the Dutch ships, which were then off loaded in Exeter and used for buildings. Not only did the Dutch influence some of the buildings, but some retiring captains from Holland settled in Topsham and built Dutch style houses for themselves. Although, a Netherlander acquaintance of mine did tell me that they aren't really authentically Dutch, therefore they're probably a hybrid between Mediaeval Holland and England.

These and a few more photos can be viewed in the Photo Gallery album.

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