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Rodney Rendell Farm Services, Axminster, Devon

I originally created my website to mainly showcase my urbex explores, although I always intended to include historical and other buildings that I personally find interesting. As it happened, the historical and other took over, due to a lack of derelict buildings that are easily get-at-able for me, but my first love is exploring the abandoned and out-of-bounds places...and I missed it. However, I was recently reminded of this one from an article in the local newspaper (a call to have it demolished) and decided to give it a go. Visited early September 2011.

I first saw it whilst a passenger in a friend's car back in 2008, and didn't think much to it as there were lots of other urban explores to see first...then consequently forgot all about it. But, having recently failed to do what I needed to do in nearby Axminster, I walked the half mile or so out to take a look. I only had half an hour before another bus to the next venue, but it wasn't wasted as there was more to it than I expected, even though the factory's fairly stripped out.

No Admittance! ;)

Rodney Rendell's was a steel fabricator & erector and engineering services firm. It took me a while to discover what they manufactured, but then I came across this piece on Dairy Spares company's website...

"Dairy Spares has purchased the Weycroft Macford™ milking machine genuine parts as of 8th May 2006. These are a well established product range in the UK, having been sold here since 1948 and Dairy Spares will continue to supply the full range through their distribution network in the UK. The previous owners Rodney and Mary Rendell have retired and we wish them all the best."

From which can be seen that Rendell's produced milking machines and also closed in 2006, the factory having been left for some five years.

As said previously it's fairly stripped but, as always in old factories, there's some great lighting from the roof sky lights. A little bit trashed but not as bad as many that have been left abandoned for so long.

All in all, a nice wanderable visit. It would have been fairly relaxed, but as I wound my first film back it snapped in the camera and I lost half of it. So, once I'd loaded another film I had to rush around to take shots of everything again before catching the bus. That'll teach me to be too hasty! ;)

The only machinery left in situ is the above. I thought it might have been a kind of lathe but I've been reliably informed by someone on the Derelict Places forum that it's a radial arm drill. 

Below, a small winch, which I think was part of the mechanism for opening the steel doors. 

Below, a great looking work bench or shelf system in a smaller workshop just off from the main factory floor.

I didn't manage to see everything, and a few of the photos turned out too blurry to use. I always intended to go back again, but alas left it too late as it has since been demolished.

A couple of my favourite photos, above and below. 

And, as always, more photos can be seen in the Photo Gallery album along with these.

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