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A view of yesterday from today


One of my favourite subjects, skies have always fascinated me. I've always loved extreme weather too, so maybe in another life I might have been a meteorologist...or even a storm-chaser! Some of these photos are also seascapes, but they were all taken specifically for the interesting skies.

Unfortunately, I find that skies are quite difficult with film photography for on-line purposes. The negs and prints look fine, but once they've been scanned they lose resolution, resulting in unwanted texture. To counter that I've used the texture-removing application in PaintShop Photo Pro several times, which has also softened the images. Not always appropriate when the main photo highlights something else, but for skies alone it's fun to be able to play around and use more artistic licence.

The colours in all these photos are exactly as they were when I shot them, apart from the two blue ones below. The prints of those were quite garish and looked awful when scanned, but it wasn't until I bought a neg scanner that I discovered the negatives had been badly processed and came out completely blue. I had a few films like that, but by a fluke they were mostly sea photos...which I think look rather nice.

I only had a few frames left in my camera on this particular day, and no more film with me, but it was enough to capture this totally unexpected and delightful sky. Looking like a pie-crust, I called the one below 'Pie in the Sky'.

The three views below are from my balcony.

One morning the sky was totally aflame with red and gold. The photo above was taken just as it began to disperse, and like the saying 'red sky at night, shepherd's delight, red sky in the morning, shepherd's warning', so too soon it had turned into a dull grey cloud cover. I loved the way the birds seem to be huddling on the roof. Maybe they were aware that rain would set in later!

And the final word in skies...the solar eclipse taken on the 11th of August 1999, which was the first total eclipse in Britain since 1927. A totally magical moment when the birds roosted and fell silent, the temperature dropped, and the street lamps came on as darkness descended. I camped out for the hour or so sitting in the garden on a beach chair with a rug, flask of coffee and my camera on a tripod, and just kept clicking away. This one is my favourite.

More to be added as and when I sort and scan others. No albums for the 'Other Photography' section as all the photos will be on the pages.

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