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The above photo was taken on a winter afternoon as the sun began to dip and the moon was visible in the sky. It was bitterly cold with frost on the ground and the ditches were full of thick ice, but great for a brisk walk when I went to take photos of a water treatment plant at Colyford in Devon. The light was perfect and I took a few general landscape and tree photos on the walk back. I think the tree is an English Elm, but please don't quote me on that as I'm a little hazy on all but the obvious tree identifications. English Elms were almost wiped out by the Dutch Elm disease but there are a few remaining, and this one has the look of an Elm shape.

Near to this little farm lane was a gate with three sheep behind it watching me with interest. It was a perfect photo opportunity, but as soon as I lifted up my camera they scarpered!

Some spring photos following winter, the one above is an English Oak tree. I loved the look of it against the sky with the pinky new growth on it's zig-zag branches. I've been meaning to take photos of it during the other seasons but keep forgetting...maybe a new project this year?

Hedges have always fascinated me, not just photographically but I can't go on a walk without stopping to look in one and discover the wild flowers and beasties inside. When my son was little I took him on lots of walks in his pushchair and introduced him to hedges. One day I found a fantastic large beetle, and without thinking I gave it to him to hold. Unfortunately it backfired...he screamed...and at the age of 34 is still terrified of insects to this day! 

The photo above is of a Blackthorn which is the first to blossom in the Spring.

Another hedge, above, smothered in the beautiful British wild rose called Dog Rose, which flowers in late May and June. I originally took the photo as part of a reference collection when I was an illustrator. It wasn't sharp or close enough to use as reference material, but I reckon that the softness works well for these pretty and delicate flowers.

Outside my home is this gorgeous Cherry tree. It's the first to flower amongst several in the Close where I live and I love taking close-ups of the flowers and individual branches.

These two trees were in Honiton, Devon, when I took the photos way back in 1991. Sadly one had disappeared when I revisited a couple of years ago. I'm not sure what it is, but it's a kind of pine. I think...and again, please don't quote me...that it's a Stone Pine, with it's iconical bare trunk and almost flat-topped canopy. Mind, looking in my tree book, it could be a Maritime Pine. I'm not very well up on pines!

The photos were taken with b&w film, at a time when I had access to a darkroom, and I developed and printed them myself. This particular method is something that I devised by disengaging the negative carrier after positioning in the enlarger, which produces a crinkly, undefined edge to the image in the centre of the print. 

After University, and what's misguidedly (in my opinion) called 'real life' sets in, I had a break from creative art and photography for several years. However, these two photos were part of a day that saved me from that and brought me back to what I really needed to be doing. I don't know why, but I suddenly had an urge to go out after a rainfall to take photos of the raindrops on the trees, which sparked me off in a different direction.

The tree above is one of several Silver Birch near my home. I'm not sure what the one below is, but it was in a hedge! ;)

I have no idea what these trees are. They are quite small, situated on Harbour Road in my home town of Seaton in Devon, and have curly corkscrew branches. The only other tree I know that's similar is the Corkscrew Hazel, but they aren't it. Mind, they make great shapes against the sky.

And back to spring again with my favourite Cherry Tree. I love the way that the sun has made a flare amongst the branches.

I'll be adding more as and when. As with the other 'Other Photography' pages, the photos only appear on the appropriate page, so there's no album in the Photo Gallery.

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