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Unknown Derelict Building, Stourbridge, Worcs

Whilst taking a break from my usual website visits, I had a trawl through a stack of negatives to look for some general sea and landscape photos that I've taken over the years. As I've been taking photos since I was seven years old, that's a lot of negs...barring the ones that have been lost at various I was quite chuffed to find these. I have absolutely no idea what this building is, but it was quite edifying to find evidence of my early proclivity towards architectural photography and love of derelict buildings. Urbexer in the making!

I do apologise for the bad photos, but as the building is probably no longer there...or maybe not in the original state...I think it's a good thing to record it for posterity. Taken on an instamatic, the negatives weren't easy to scan as they are square, therefore not totally complete, plus not at all clear. However, there are other, much sharper and clearer photos on the same set of negs, therefore I'm assuming that this was a foggy day, which may explain the misty look.

Although I don't remember the building or know anything about it at all, I'm pretty sure that it was situated in Stourbridge, and was taken circa 1971/72 when I was at Art College there.

The building was boarded up and obviously quite run down with the odd broken window. According to the advertising board it was up for sale and the estate agents were from Hagley, which gives further proof that it was in Stourbridge. It would be nice to think that it had been restored and was still standing but knowing that there was extensive development shortly afterwards, and having had a look around on Google Streetview recently, a complete hatchet job has been done on the town and many of the lovely old buildings have disappeared.

And below, another view the same as the first photo, but also including some cars in front which will give an indication of the date for any car buffs reading this. Also, in case anyone's wondering, Stourbridge is now part of the West Midlands and not in Worcestershire, but I've kept it as Worcs because that's where it belonged when I took the photos.

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